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You use a glass mirror to see your face or you use works of art to see your soul

How do you feel these days? What did you learn in those moments of incertitude and fears about yourself or others? I have to admit that I was facing many fears of incertitude for future, not being able to see my family. We have never been into this unexpected and exceptional period in our life and it's quite normal and being human to feel those emotions.

As there is always silver lining over the clouds, spring is really here and flowers blossom is welcoming us with those beautiful colours. Have you noticed as most of us except all the people who saved others lives and care about our comfort, we slowed down, we dance in the rythme of nature? We finally can notice the details which surround us like a beauty of flower blossom or hear birds singing.

What did you miss the most in this period? I would love to hear your voice! I missed so much the contact with the nature like going to the mountains and having this green space in my arms...But being home I believe our creative self got really explored. How motivated are you in daily creation? I dived in the painting in our front garden just observing trees and flowers blossom and watercolours have been my best daily friends.

What have been your creative passions? I believe you have created something extraordinary like culinary art, your garden skills or painting? You can share it with us on

I have to admit that I am loving being home and using this time for more decoration and connection to my creative part, just being in the present moment. We have to learn again like this little baby that choices come from inner wisdom and will lead to our highest good.

Our time of leaving home and explore the world again is coming soon. Let's hope that we can start in a more slow pace, gentle to ourselves and others. We will be back with our creative experiences and hope to welcome you again.

Thank you for being our creative community!



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