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Our Art Instructors

Dominique Devun

Passionate about painting and drawing, Dominique chooses an artistic path very early on in life.

She achieved a university degree in Applied Arts before completing a course in Illustration at the Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon. She then further completed her education with a year of Arts and Psychotherapy at the university of Nice.

Dominique has worked in a variety of different trades, all of which involve art and creation.

She first worked as a 2D graphic designer for a multimedia company located in Annecy for whom she creates the 2D images for the CD Rom intended for the popular “Guignols de l’Info. Le jeu” on the French TV channel Canal+.

Dominique was in turn a 2D Graphic Designer for advertising agencies, a teacher for the BTS course in Visual Arts.

The long path on which she has journeyed professionally has brought her back to her very first dream… to paint and share her painting with the world.


Anne Caranta

Art Floral

Born in Antibes, between gardens and fields of roses she grows with an innate gift for floral décoration.

Her talent, her poetic approach, and précious productions are recognized, she décorates the most beautiful events on the Riviera. 


In a few hours, by her side, you will become able to create inspired bouquets, mises en scène, and unforeseen combinations of vases, flowers, foliage, and various unexpected accessories. 


Its ability to marvel at the beauty of nature is intact and moved her to paint flowers in the manner of watercolor botanist painters adding her very singular touch of poetry.


She always rejoyces herself to carry some disciples for a unique expérience till the very secret and mysterious heart of flowers.

Anna Caranta - Grasse expo

Mona Elizabe

Mona or the infinite poetry of a refined and feminine universe and the generosity of this artist facing the transmission and sharing her talents to reveal to the others.

Mona's universe is made of a deep love of material inherited from her childhood, a sense of extreme refinement and a permanent quest for beauty.

Formed schools of effort, perseverance and patience, it expresses an overtaking will particularly demonstrated in the hard school of Trompe l'Oeil and painted decorations that reminds the Renaissance era values, period which one feels nourished and where it drew its training.

She had developed over time a personal approach to art that evokes the authenticity of artists of that bygone era


Mona Elizabe

Helen Humphrey

Having run her own interior design practice in London for many years Helen moved permanently to the French Riviera in 2007.

Helen guest lectures at the renowned KLC School of Interior Design in Chelsea and Hampton Court Palace specialising in planning, sketching, drawing and painting techniques for interiors and gardens. She also appears on SKY TV presenting a range of interior products.

Having a background as an interiors illustrator, Helen now focuses on her artistic skills and exhibits her oils, watercolours and pencil artwork of homes and local landscapes, all of which she has exhibited locally.

Helen Humphrey

Mireille Delcey

Land Artist

When I was little, I could never take a walk without picking up a pretty pebble, a twisted branch, colored berries, moss ... What treasures in my hands!


This passion for the natural collection never left me and my hands were no longer enough, it was my backpack that was filled ...


Following the discovery of a book by Marc Pouyet, a renowned Land Artist, in 2012

I wanted to follow a retreat  

with him. This first one revealed in me the taste for ephemeral creation and since then, this passion has never left me.


What a joy to create in and with nature and play with it! By creating in nature, I also use techniques of floral art that I practiced for a few years in the chamber of agriculture of Nice.


The learning of modeling also allowed me to sculpt clay, living matter and so pleasant to shape. In land art the earth is a wonderful support and element of creation.


All these techniques of visual arts are for me an inexhaustible source of well-being!

Mireille Land artist

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