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Art and Adventure experiences, tailored to your specific needs:


Currently available

We offer a wide range of artistic activities for you to enjoy, such as painting (oil, acrylic, water color) including Trompe l’Oeil and painting decoration; land art;  pottery; photography; glass making; mosaïc and more. We also offer a Hen’s night option to celebrate the beginning of your new life in artistic style.


Become the painter you have always dreamed of, in a beautiful setting out of time, where you will be able to experiment with oil, acrylic or watercolour painting at a leisurely rhythm. Picture yourself in a vineyard, an authentic provençal village, a medieval castle or in an artist’s workshop and let your creative juices flow!


Painting decoration and trompe l’oeil are very trendy and popular art movements which some of you will surely be interested in knowing more about. Professional artist Mona will show you the secrets of the trade at her Vallauris workshop.

Land art

Mother nature provides everything we need to create the most astonishing

and breathtaking art. All we have to do is explore and open our minds to the multitude

of possibilities nature offers right before our very eyes. Join us on a land art adventure

outdoors and allow your natural creativity to bloom.







                                                                       Ever fancied yourself a pottery artist? Come with us on Potter´s wheel and dive into                                                                          clay! Vallauris is the capital for art pottery in France, spend an afternoon in the                                                                                    private Workshop of Marina near Grasse or at the Madoura workshop where Picasso                                                                          created more than 4000 original ceramic pièces!





Photography lovers, this is one for you! If you yearn to master the skill of artistic

photography with professional cameras and equipment, join us on a sailing trip

to the Lerins Islands (off Cannes) or for a hike in the Mercantour with a professional

photography teacher. An experience you will be able to use to capture the magic

all around you, always.








                                                                       Ever wondered how glasses and vases are made? This will no longer be a mystery                                                                                to you after attending our glass mastery day out. Watch the master create glass                                                                                  fusion and her Lucky Glass Gong in her Opio Workshop or at the Contemporary                                                                                  Glass artist workshop in Biot.




The authenticity and beauty of Mosaïc have been admired throughout the ages and

prized as choice decoration for interior design, architecture and art forms

of all kinds all over the world. Vallauris is the home of Mosaic in France and

we will take you on a sublime day out to discover this very fine art.



All our customized Art experiences can be designed according to your specific needs and preferences to offer you the most unique and memorable artistic adventure.









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